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Attorney VS Lawyer Definition

In United States, attorney vs lawyer terms are frequently used interchangeably. The two terms have very small distinction. Unlike in other countries, the difficulty to differentiate the terms is only available in Unites States.

Qualifications for a Lawyer

Someone who learn and get training in law can be called as a lawyer. However, a lawyer may not really practice law. The works can be giving legal advice or something else related to legal. Someone can be thought as a lawyer after she/ he attend a law school in US. To practice law and then providing legal representation, a law student should pass bar examination in their specific jurisdiction or the opportunities of the law education using will be limited.

Qualifications for an Attorney

Attorney is a term used to call a lawyer that has been official in United States. In everyday conversation, the official lawyer is specifically called as attorney at law. This term was firstly used in 1768. It is defined as a law court practitioner that is qualified to take legal and defend actions legally in the court on the client’s retainer.

Attorney is an English word origins from French. The meaning of this word is someone who acts for someone else as a deputy or agent. Attorneys must practice law in court, whilst lawyers may or may not practice law in court. To become an attorney, someone should pass a bar examination and then get the law practice approval in his/ her jurisdiction.

Even though attorney vs lawyeris commonly used as a synonym, but an attorney must be a lawyer, yet a lawyer is not essentially an attorney. The two terms may be applied interchangeably in general public, but the distinction is important to the American Bar Association.

Other Common Distinctions

More specific distinctions come out in other law jurisdictions like England and Wales. The distinctions come from those who make law practices in court and those who don’t, like barristers, solicitors, and advocates, and public notaries in some countries. They are all different from attorneys.

Solicitors are lawyers that prepare legaldocuments and provide legal advice to their clients. In US history, solicitor was a lawyer who worked for cases in equity court, whilst attorney was handling cases in law court.

Additionally, barristers are those who will be needed by solicitors when court appearance required. So their works are not directly with clients but getting solicitors’ referrals. Solicitors commonly work as the assistant of barrister to prepare the case from the outside of the court. Meanwhile, advocate is barrister’s another term in English jurisdictions based on law. So, now you know the distinction of attorney vs lawyer and other related terms.

Monday, September 25, 2017

The Average Hourly Fee of NJ Lawyer Service

NJ Lawyer Service

The average hourly fee of NJ lawyer service is based on how much experience he/ she have. The previous won cases the lawyer ever had will also influence their rate hourly. Yet, even though the lawyers can set the rates by themselves, excessive fees per hour are not allowed.

The Average Rate per Hour

According to the 2009 reports of New Jersey Divorce Mediation, the state’s hourly lawyer fees are between $225 and $500.The actual rate is depending on the location of the lawyer office in the state. Besides, the retainer fees are also commonly charged; it is the advanced payment charged for cases based on the hourly fees. It ranges from hundreds to several thousand dollars and based on the expected time needed to handle the case. For instance, if the lawyer charges $350 per hour and he will handle a criminal case that needs 200 work hours, then the lawyer might charge a percentage of $70,000 total bill before the case handling to the client.

Contingency Fees

According to the American Bar Association, the fees will be referred to contingency fees if NJ lawyer service isn’t been charged unless the court case is won. It is typically applied in personal injury and workers compensation cases. The fees paid to the lawyer are commonly a portion of the won cases from the court. For instance, a lawyer that wins a medical malpractice case, he/ she will get a third of the money won in the court. Even though the clients should pay the filing expenses in court, they shouldn’t pay the lawyer if the case isn’t won. If the lawyer can win or settle the case before going to court, the client can discuss the contingency fee percentage that will be given to the lawyer.

Job Prospects

The jobs for lawyers across country are expected by the Bureau to grow as much as 13% from 2008 to 2018. The growth possibly comes from the increasing cases of bankruptcy, health care, and the environmental lawsuits. Besides,many lawyers across the nation as well as in New Jersey that work in corporations, government organizations and business are working in the salary basis. The chances of landing jobs will increase as the lawyers work across industries and relocate to other states.

Lawyer Discipline

People who get NJ lawyer service and feel that they get excessive rates charged by the lawyer, they can complaint with Supreme Court of the state. The filing of the complaints is through the district ethics committees of the area. The complaints filing should including the name of the lawyer, the complaint reasons, and also the lawyer’s ZIP code.

Friday, September 22, 2017

How to Get Real Estate Lawyer Near Me

How to find the right real estate lawyer near me? It often becomes a question of many people who are going to sell or buy a house or other property. It is important to find a good lawyer to assist you in the closing process. Because it is including the hand changing of a lot of money as well as many works that should be done up to the date. Besides, a real estate lawyer will also assist you to understand the contracts that are commonly written with legal jargons. By having a lawyer, the process will be less of stress and all documents will be perfectly prepared.

How to Get Real Estate Lawyer Near Me

Search for a Real Estate Lawyer Early

The searching for a real estate lawyer should be done as early as you begin searching a new property. To find a good lawyer, you certainly need time. If you do it at the last minute, you will never be able to do any research.

Choose a Good Lawyer You Know

If you ever get some satisfying assistance from a real estate lawyer before, it is good to hire him/ her again this time.From the last works, you have known the quality of the lawyer and also the process of him/ her to handle a real estate closing. Additionally, the lawyer may ask you a lower fee because you belong to his/ her repeat customer. If the lawyer you hire before wasn’t handle real estate closing, you need to ask whether he/ she can handle this case too.

Find Information from Your State’s Bar Association

Fromthe Bar Association, you can get a list of options when you ask “real estate lawyer near me” or in your area. Choosing from the state bar list will make you sure that all of the lawyers are properly licensed. Get the information by visiting the Bar Association’s website or call their number.

Get Recommendations from Family and Friends

Getting recommendations from someone that has the real experience hiring a real estate lawyer can also be a great idea. You will get clear information about the works of the lawyer. So, ask your family members or friends that have ever hired real estate lawyers, they must have some recommendation.

Search Local Lawyers Online and Check the Reviews in Lawyer Websites

Search for a local lawyer will be much easier via internet. You can use kinds of lawyer directories and find lawyers that specialize their works in real estate cases and practice in your area. Besides, check the website of the lawyers too to see the reviews from the previous clients and how their experiences when hiring the lawyer. Therefore, you can find the right choice for the question of how to get a real estate lawyer near me.

Monday, September 11, 2017

How Much Median Lawyer Salary 2015?

Based on the data of BLS, the median lawyer salary 2015 is $115,820. For lawyers that work in reputable law firms and handling great cases of the clients, they can make up to $187,200 or more every year. Meanwhile, the lowest salary that can be made by a lawyer is about $55,870 per year. The highest salaries commonly earned by lawyers in metropolitan areas such as California, San Jose, Bridgeport, San Francisco and Connecticut.

Education Type Needed by Lawyers

According to the career services’ assistant dean of Harvard Law School, Mark Weber, students should know the reason to enter a law school before the enrollment. You should know the goals and the reason for you to be in the school.

He also recommends the students to read the books that explain about the law school. You will make better option when you have educated yourself well. To become a lawyer, you need undergraduate and Juris Doctor Degree of a law school. In the undergraduate program before entering a law school, you should have as great as possible grades. Besides, you also should prepare for the test of Law School Admission as well.

Weber added that reaching a good school is the important way to find a good occupation. Additionally, you also should try your best in the law school, getting the options and then evaluate them well. Then you should develop and build the professional network too.

When you have earned the degree, it isn’t finish yet. You also should get a specific bar exam in a state you want. Every state may have different test, but the exam commonly consists of written test to review your knowledge about general principles of legal, and also ethical standards and state laws. To make good sums of money as the standard of lawyer salary 2015, you also should have law firm encourage, practicing your law capability or work in public sector. In this way, you will be able to start establishing your professional network.

A district attorney in Nashville, Tennessee named Glenn Funk recommends that law students should take DA’s office or public defender during their summer holiday between the law school’s second and third year. The students will be supervised by a lawyer so they can get the real experience of courtroom. It will also give the students great ideas to get law job they need to have after the law school.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

The OJ Simpson Lawyers Dead Case

The OJ Simpson lawyers dead case were ordinary people before the court-martial of OJ Simpson pushed them to be well-known nationally. Yes, in the case of 1990s, the names of the judge, lawyers and also witnesses were immediately popular. The case made them moved to the new lives and they will never forget about it, when they involved in the most quick-tempered trials in the court about two decades ago.

Today, do you know where the key players are? You can find to know their story below.

Marcia Clark

Marcia Clark was the head prosecutor. After the discharge of Simpson, Clark left her prosecutor office and then she wrote a book about the trial, which was entitled Without a Doubt. Now she is 63 and works as an irregular correspondent and commentator in a TV. She also still writes kinds of fiction writings. One of her writings is entitled Blood Defense, a novel released in May 2016.

Lance Ito

He was the chief judge in the Simpson’s case. Ito faced a great criticism that time for allowing cameras entering the courtroom. But it was a great move that changed the criminal trials publicity until today. The continuous coverage of the television made the judge to become one of the household names. Now he is 66 years old. I to gets his retirement and he rarely gives statements to the media. His wife is a former detective and lives in a quiet life with Ito until today.

Robert Shapiro

Robert Shapiro was one of OJ Simpson lawyers dead case that acted as defense attorney. After the trial, he still had high profile by representing kinds of clients including Johnny Carson, Darryl Strawberry, and also Eva Longoria. Now he is 73 and still works in the law field. Besides, Shapiro is also a businessman and owns some companies. He also established the Brent Shapiro Foundation; a non-profit work that assists people who addicted to something. He established the foundation after the death of his son for overdose in 2005.

Kato Kaelin

Kato Kaelin was a guest in the court as a witness as long as4 days. When the trial finished, he often appears on sitcoms and reality shows. Now he is 57 years old and lives in Los Angeles. He recently established a clothing line named Slacker Wear.

Denise Brown

Denise Brown told much about the unproven domestic abuse occurred in her sister named Nicole and done by OJ Simpson. Now, he is 59 years old and works for Nicole Brown Foundation. He found the organization to help the victims of domestic violence.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

How much Salary of a Lawyer of Constitutional?

Lawyers can choose to become a legal generalist in their occupation. Otherwise, they also can specialize their career in any specific law field. That is why the salary of a lawyer is different according to their field. For the constitutional lawyers, they specialize in government powers law as well as the citizens’ rights. About the salary, the constitutional lawyer may make money based on employment type and geographic location factors.
How much Salary of a Lawyer of Constitutional?
How much Salary of a Lawyer of Constitutional?

The National Wages

Based on US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median income of a constitutional lawyer in United States and at all experience levels in May 2010 was $112,760 every year. The lawyers that are at top 25% made higher than $165,470 annually. Meanwhile, those who were at bottom 10% made lower than $75,200 of money.

The Type of Industry

The industry type of a constitutional lawyer is commonly in the government’s federal executive branch, local governments, state governments, or in the private practice. Besides, the constitutional lawyers can also work in kinds of other employers types. Based on the data of Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean every year salary of a lawyer was $130,210 in Federal Executive Branch career. The lawyers who worked in state governments made $82,190 of mean salary every year. Meanwhile, those who worked in the local governments made $92,220 of money every year. Attorneys who practiced privately made $136,530 of money every year.

The Experience Factor

Just like most professions, those who are in legal professions get increased salaries as they have more experiences. Based on the data of National Association for Legal Professionals in April 2010,beginners of constitutional lawyers that worked in small law firms with 25 or less associates made median salaries as much as $72,000 every year. Those who worked in a law firm in the same size but in fifth year associate made $90,000, whilst those with 8 years experiences made $102,500of money every year.

The Size of Law Firm

The salary of a lawyer is also determined by the size of the legal firms. The associates’ salaries are commonly higher as the law firm is larger. The National Association for Legal Professionals data shows that a constitutional lawyer that has 4 years experiences and works in a law firm with 50 associates can make $103,500 of money in April 2010. Those who work in a firmwith 250 associates made $135,000 and as much as $151,500 earned by those whowork for a law firm with 500 associates or more.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Services of WSBA Lawyer Directory for Public

The Services of WSBA Lawyer Directory for Public
WSBA Directory

Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) is an official association that works to give license to 35,400 lawyers in the state. In the official website, they provide WSBA lawyer directory that helps the visitors to find the best lawyer. It gets the Washington Supreme Court authorization. It works under the Court authority to regulate lawyers as well as serves all of their members as professional association, they don’t need any public funding. Their main mission is to serve public and also the Bar members, to champion justice as well as to make sure the legal profession integrity.

The Services of WSBA to the Public
To promote justice in kinds of ways and projects, WSBA also serves the public through kinds of works, such as: 
  1. Improves and increases the access of people with low to moderate income to the justice system. The WSBA lawyer directory available in their website is always ready to access by the people to find the best lawyer. 
  2. Establishing Moderate Means Program in 2012. It connects the clients who have incomes about 200 – 400% of Federal Poverty Level. So they can get legal assistance in a lower price. 
  3. Establishing the Washington First ResponderWill Clinic with a purpose to give basic documents of estate-planning, such as powers of attorney, wills, and also the healthcare directives, without a any fee needed.
  4. Establishing the ATJ Board Technology Committee to broadcast the principle, which should also be implemented by technology in order to improve the justice quality for all people in Washington. Besides, it will also improve the opportunity, effective operation of justice system, and removes the barriers to the access. 
  5. Establishing Law Week that manage the judges and lawyers visiting classrooms during the first week in the communities. 
  6. Establishing the Lawyer’s Fund for Client Protection to relieve or justifying the monetary loss in a client because of dishonesty, failure to account property or money assigned to any WSBA members. It acts as fiduciary in relating matter to the law practice of the member. The fund is gotten by the WSBA members’ assessment annually according to the Washington Supreme Court order. It also makes report on every activity every year. 
  7. Establishing WSBA Speakers Bureau that consists of lawyers around the state that should address the legal professionals, student, service groups, civic organizations and the other legal topics audiences. 
  8. Establishing WSBA lawyer directory online, which includes contact information as well as the information related to lawyer that has been well-organized. 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tips to Get the Best Criminal Lawyer in Arizona

If you get criminal charges, it is important to find the best criminal lawyer in Arizona to defend the charges. With the effective criminal defense lawyer representing you, the chances to dismiss the charge will increase effectively. You may get different charge dismissal and harsh penalties as you choose different lawyer.
Criminal Lawyer in Arizona
Criminal Lawyer in Arizona

In order to find the best lawyer, some tips below may help you to choose.

Narrow the Search Area

There are many law firms in Arizona and you should choose based on how far you want to travel when you are going to meet your lawyer. If the criminal charge causes you in prison and cannot travel to the lawyer office, then call the lawyer to know whether you can meet him/ her in prison or courtto sign the agreement of fee.

Choose Two or Three Options

There are many options of law firms and you should choose the top picks of best criminal lawyer in Arizona. If you need more information, contact the Arizona State Bar to know that they have attorney license in defense units, paralegal, legal forms processor, or another occupation. Make sure that the lawyers have criminal charges defensein Arizona.

Contact a Reputable Lawyer You Know

If you ever had another case like car accident or something and a reputable represented you for the injury case, then you can call the lawyer even they are in the other areas of practice. The lawyer must have some referral of reputable criminal defense lawyer to represent you too.

Find Other Referrals

You also can get the best referrals from family, friends, or another trusted friend. However, don’t tell them specifically about the charges, because it may harm the defense case. Besides, those people could be called later to become a witness and testifying your statement to them. The other referrals can also be gotten from the internet by choosing a reliable website that provides reviews and ratings.

Call Two or Three Criminal Lawyers

Before you get the best criminal lawyer in Arizona, you should call two or three top options. Most lawyers give free consultation for the first time. From the consultation, you will know whether they are the real and active practicing defense lawyer. It is possible to find a lawyer that is no longer active in defense practices such as law professor, expert law consultation provider, etc. You should choose a lawyer that is active legal defense. Besides, the consultation will also enable you to know their educations, qualifications, training and defense experiences.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

How Much Biotechnology Patent Lawyer Salary?

The Biotechnology patent lawyer salary can be considerable. The works of the law specialists are protecting and defending the biotech companies’ intellectual property. To become a biotech lawyer, you should have special training for some years. Many of this type of lawyers have some technical backgrounds too.The patent lawyers who work for large Biotech Companies and also for a great specialist law firms commonly earn the largest sums of salaries. Furthermore, to spur the intellectual property defenders demand, you also should have the advancements in medical and scientific fields.

Biotech Patent Lawyer
Biotech Patent Lawyer

Job Description of the Biotech Patent Lawyer

The intellectual property in all types is the main field where a biotech patent lawyer works. Their works are including the legal protecting of company trademarks such as slogans and logos. Besides, the lawyers also commonly work to give legal protection to inventions design rights like the retooled printer for living tissue printing. Some competitive advantages must be gotten by the biotech clients through the legal protection. By making the patents, the clients will become the only producer of something in certain given period. To make sure that the intellectual property is defended properly, the biotech companies are willing to spend great sums of money as the patent lawyer salary. 

The Factors of Low Range Salary

Various amounts of biotech patent lawyer salary can be dramatically happened. The factors affecting it are including the rank and experiences of the lawyers. The Brown University revealed that the fresh graduated biotech lawyers who work in medium sized law firm have a lower end salary as much as $125,000.The starting salary may be higher based on the academic record and also the law school of the lawyer. 

The Factors of High Range Salary

You can facilitate the salaries significantly if you are a senior biotechnology patent lawyer. The higher range salaries are affected by some factors such as the company size, seniority and reputation. The Brown University reveals that Biotech lawyers can make up to one million dollars per year if they have huge industry experience as well as have become the partners of reputable patent law firms. 

The Salary Forecast

You will have strong demand if you become a biotechnology patent lawyer. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2010 data shows that the growing of lawyers employment is expected to be up to 13% in 2008 to 2018. Yet, you will have a heavy competition too for this position. As the transformation of the Biotech Companies from scientific breakthroughs to the commercial processes and products, the biotech patent lawyer salary will increase as well.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Know More about Real Estate Lawyer Salary and the Job Description

Before you know about the real estate lawyer salary, you certainly should understand about the job description of this career. The real estate lawyers work a couple of main functions in the world of real estate, such as perform as litigator and handling the real estate transactions’ legal aspects. This type of lawyer work with the real property and also facilitate the real estate transactions that become sour.

The works of real estate lawyers sometimes specialized in the fraud cases litigation like mortgage and disclosure fraud, or concentrate on the using, zoning and subdivision laws. Besides, the other expertise areas are including commercial or residential property.
Real Estate Lawyer

Education Required

To become a real estate lawyer, you should get a juris doctorate degree from an American Bar Association accredited school. Besides, you also should have the attorney’s license by passing bar examination. Some real estate law may be learnt in the law school but the work experiences in kinds of law firms will be much more important. 

Most employers do not only require higher education but also some years experiences in preparing real estate transaction and also contract negotiation. In the American Bar Association, there are some related divisions called Real Property, Trust and also Estate Law divisions. You also can join the real estate lawyers associations that will bring prestige as well as gaining networks, skills and the employment opportunity. 

Job Description and the Skills Needed

In the real estate transactions, a real estate lawyer should prepare and review the documents, transfer the titles and negotiate the terms and conditions. Companies who don’t know about real estate laws and regulations may also need the assistance of a real estate lawyer when they need to buy or sell a property. A real estate lawyer could also work to step in to a court in order to represent the case of contract transpires breach or property fraud of the client. Based on the needs of the clients, the work hours may be varied. 

Meanwhile, the skills required are such as verbal or written communication and analytical skills, great negotiation skills and also extensive business law foundation. For the web of relationships of the property market, you also must be a capable networker if you become a real estate lawyer. The other skills needed are also including organizational and time management because this work demands you handle documents and multiple cases anytime. 

The Real Estate Lawyer Salary

On average, the real estate lawyer salary is $118,000. The salary is also depending on the rate in every hour as well as the job experience. If you choose to become a partner or work in a large law firm, the payment will increase. 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Job Description of a Workman Comp Lawyer

Workman comp lawyer is an attorney who works to help the workers to get compensation for the injuries gotten when they are doing their job.We know that accidents often occur at work and it can occur in everyone. Many examples of accident that commonly occur are such as falling off a ladder and then make the worker’s arm broken, suffering back injury for lifting a heavy boxes, motion injury that occur repetitively like the carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.

By getting some help from a workman comp lawyer, a worker can get the compensation more easily and the lawyer will work to prepare all documents needed. Then if the compensation is successfully gotten, the worker will get the recover compensation including the medical bills as well as the lost wages when they cannot work for the injuries. 

The Benefits for Injured Workers on the Job

Depending on the injury, the laws of workers’ compensation will allow the workers who get injured on job to get some benefits. The benefits are including:
  • The benefits of permanent total disability
  • Benefits of permanent partial disability 
  • Benefits of temporary partial disability 
  • Medical benefits
  • The benefits of vocational rehabilitation
  • The benefits of wage reimbursement 

The Laws of Workers’ Compensation

The laws of workers’ compensation is made to govern by state the compensation acts for workers as well as federal statutes. It provides the fixed awards for the employees or their family members when an accident and diseases suffered because of things related to the employment. The awards are statutorily prescribed and enable the workers who get injured to get compensation but don’t make any legal action contrary to the employer. The state acts are in various options depending on the workers covered type, amount as well as the duration of the benefits and also the other specifics.  
The compensation laws effect is mostly to make liability of the employer to the employee because of injuries occurred in employment course, so it doesn’t make any inattention of the employee or employer. The claim will be valid if there is a relationship between the employer and employee, and the injury occurs in the employment scope and course. So the law is not valid for independent contractor. 

The Job Duties of the Workman Comp Lawyer

The main goal of the workman comp lawyer is representing the injured worker to obtain benefits and representing the defendant (the insurance company of the employer or the employer itself) to ease the liability. The lawyers will work to collect the required documents such as medical records and evidence, performing legal research, conducting discovery, drafting the pleadings, motions, findings of facts, and kinds of other documents.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

How Long does It Take to be a Lawyer?

How long does it take to be a lawyer? This question is commonly asked by those who are considering to gain the career in law. Most people who chase a lawyer career should firstly get a bachelor’s degree and then continue to earn law school education for three years. The school time commonly depends on what you choose to have full time school and then successfully pass the exam. Yet, every state could have different requirements about the education time, so you need to consider the law school time before deciding to choose one state.

Bachelor’s Degree

The first step to chase your lawyer career is initially taking the bachelor’s degree in a university or collage. In the undergraduate studies, you shouldn’t take legal field. Any major is acceptable as long as you have the bachelor’s degree. The bachelor degree is the main requirement asked by most law schools with ABA or the American Bar Association accreditation. Except in California that allows you to register to a law school even though you only have a couple years of undergraduate coursework or other equivalent exams.However, the quick entering to the law school may make you getting hard time to admit into the top law schools.

Take the Law School Admission Test

Most law schools in US require the candidates to take the LSAT or Law School Admission Test. The score of LSAT will become a significant part of the applications to the law school. You should prepare for it well. But the LSAT preparation normally doesn’t need additional time because the test is commonly completed by the students when they pursue the bachelor’s degree. If you think that the score of the test is unsatisfying while you have gotten the bachelor’s degree, you can retake the test to get higher score and increase the chance to achieve the lawyer school. 

The Law School

The program is law school can finish in three years if you can enroll the full time school. Many law schools also provide part-time option of schooltime but you shouldn’t take longer than three years school time in this program.Even in Colorado and some other states, you are not required to always attend the law school. Yet most states including New Jersey require the students to attend the law school with ABA accreditation. 

State Bar Examinations

The State Bar Examinations should be taken soon after you graduate from a law school. It takes in your state or where you plan to pursue the lawyer career. It needs 2-3 months of study and the results will appear in a few months. Before you are admitted officially to the bar, you are not a lawyer yet. You should pass the fitness and character review by the bar association of the state before admitted. The process is including the checking of your background of financial, residence, criminal, and employment. It will take some months depending on how clean your background is. Those are the long process of how long does it take to be a lawyer.