Who was a lawyer?

Who was a lawyer?
Who was a lawyer?
A lawyer or advocate is a service of the legal professions who play a role in a dispute that can be resolved outside or inside the court. In the legal profession, the guidelines used are those relating to regulation of procedural law in the Book of the Law of Criminal Law and the Book of the Law of Civil Procedure Law. Working as a lawyer involves the legal profession. The role of lawyers is different in all jurisdictions, there is an interest to solve problems or to advance the interests of a person or group who hire lawyers to perform legal services.

Lawyers in practice also known as legal counsel, this means a lawyer can do or give advice or defense against his client that aims to solve a problem or a legal case. Costs in renting or using the services of this law is not cheap, you have to spend a huge cost. What if a client is poor in need of legal assistance services to protect himself? There are some professional lawyers who are willing to help this client-free basis for their sympathy, but this guy is rarely encountered.

The main task of Lawyers

As a lawyer, of course, a lot of assuming duty. Here are the main tasks of a lawyer:

  • Interview clients and provide them with expert legal advice
  • Researching and preparing and presenting their cases in court
  • Writing legal documents and prepare a written defense to civil cases
  • Liaison with other professionals such as lawyers
  • Specialize in specific areas of law
  • Representing clients in court, public inquiry, arbitration and court
  • Negotiation
  • As a spokesman / PR clients
  • Providing legal assistance free of charge to people who are weak and incapable
To become a lawyer who is reliable, the key is that you should be able to communicate well. As already informed above the main tasks of a lawyer, without the ability to communicate well, you will not be fully able to resolve a legal case. In addition, it takes considerable time to build a good image as a reliable lawyer, because lawyers have been recognized can be seen from the experiences and cases are handled like. You certainly know Phaedra Parks Lawyer, she was one of the lawyers that are reliable until today because of cases he handled.

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