How Much Median Lawyer Salary 2015?

Based on the data of BLS, the median lawyer salary 2015 is $115,820. For lawyers that work in reputable law firms and handling great cases of the clients, they can make up to $187,200 or more every year. Meanwhile, the lowest salary that can be made by a lawyer is about $55,870 per year. The highest salaries commonly earned by lawyers in metropolitan areas such as California, San Jose, Bridgeport, San Francisco and Connecticut.

Education Type Needed by Lawyers

According to the career services’ assistant dean of Harvard Law School, Mark Weber, students should know the reason to enter a law school before the enrollment. You should know the goals and the reason for you to be in the school.

He also recommends the students to read the books that explain about the law school. You will make better option when you have educated yourself well. To become a lawyer, you need undergraduate and Juris Doctor Degree of a law school. In the undergraduate program before entering a law school, you should have as great as possible grades. Besides, you also should prepare for the test of Law School Admission as well.

Weber added that reaching a good school is the important way to find a good occupation. Additionally, you also should try your best in the law school, getting the options and then evaluate them well. Then you should develop and build the professional network too.

When you have earned the degree, it isn’t finish yet. You also should get a specific bar exam in a state you want. Every state may have different test, but the exam commonly consists of written test to review your knowledge about general principles of legal, and also ethical standards and state laws. To make good sums of money as the standard of lawyer salary 2015, you also should have law firm encourage, practicing your law capability or work in public sector. In this way, you will be able to start establishing your professional network.

A district attorney in Nashville, Tennessee named Glenn Funk recommends that law students should take DA’s office or public defender during their summer holiday between the law school’s second and third year. The students will be supervised by a lawyer so they can get the real experience of courtroom. It will also give the students great ideas to get law job they need to have after the law school.

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