Average Salary of a Lawyer in His First Year of Career

Average Salary of a Lawyer
Average Salary of a Lawyer in His First Year of Career
Based on the new survey data of the National Association of Law Placement, the average salary of a lawyer in his first year of career in law firm will be $160,000 flat per year.That amount of salary paid by 39% of the largest firms with 700 lawyers or more, as they said in the 2015 survey. The data shows an increasing since one year before the uppermost level of salary was only paid by 27% of large firms. However, the firms that paid the greatest amount for newbie lawyers were many more in 2009; up to two-thirds.

The reason for the decreasing is not because of the firms pay less, but because of the merger and acquisition of the law firms so that they are not the same firms anymore. Besides, many firms also have smaller regional offices as the place for the lawyers to work. Many of the small office don’t pay the high salary for the new lawyers. That is why the percentage of great law firms paying the new lawyers under $160,000 is higher.

Even though some first year lawyers get higher than $160,000 of salary per year, the amount seems to be stuck since 2007. The economic turning down becomes the main reason for this. In some markets, the starting salaries of $135,000 and $145,000 or even $110,000 are commonly made by new lawyers. Meanwhile, the $160,000 salary is still the modal salary in the biggest legal markets like Chicago, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, and also Washington. There are about 60% of law firms in Washington and Los Angeles that pay the highest amount of salary for their new lawyers.Yet, it is a lower amount since in 2009 there were 90% law firms that did so.

Meanwhile, in New York, the $160,000 as a lawyer’s starting salary given to new lawyers in 85% firms with 250 associates. Then 90% of the law firms with 700 or more associates pay that amount of first salaries. In the elite law firms, the new lawyers can make higher than the highest amount of salary. They even can make tens of thousands of dollars bonuses every year in the first year of career.

The data of the association shows that there are 556 law office in the country become respondents in the survey. Based on the data, the national median of average salary of a lawyer in the first year of career at any law firms was $135,000. The amount is higher than the 2014 amount. However, the survey was followed by fewer small law firms rather than the previous years.

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