Brief Biography of Robert Shapiro Lawyer

Robert Shapiro lawyer is well known attorney because of representing clients with high profile. One of the most notably clients is O.J. Simpson.

Robert Shapiro Lawyer Biography

Robert Shapiro was born in 2 September 1942, in Plain field, New Jersey. He graduated in 1968 from the Loyola Law School. He started his great law career in 1972after he established a law firm of his own. Then he frequently handle minor law entanglements of famous clients. The case of O.J. Simpson in 1994 was one of the greatest cases he got together with the defense team. The work in more than two decades would become popular as trial of the century. The O.J. Simpson trial would become the great touchstone of his career, while Robert Shapiro always has great reputation.

Shapiro’s Early Years
In 1965, Robert Shapiro graduated from his finance degree in Anderson School of Business at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles). In 1968, he graduated from the Loyola Law School Los Angeles. He won the competition of school’s moot court and two American Juris Prudence awards when he was at Loyola.It made him apart from the classmates and gained his connections. Those experiences made him know that courtroom is his best place to work.

One year after his graduation in 1969, Shapiro was known to State Bar of California. He married Linell Thomas in 1970 and then had two sons; Grant in 1984 and Brent in 1980 but he died in 2005. In the last year of his law school, Shapiro got clerked for the attorney office of L.A. County District. The first career of him was as a public prosecutor about almost three years.

Shapiro’s Early Career
In 1972, Shapiro started his practice after leaving the District Attorney’s office. His first famous client was a 1990sporn star named Linda Lovelace defended in early 1974 for the ownership of cocaine and amphetamines in Las Vegas. The increasing of cocaine usage in 1970s increasingly gained Shapiro’s reputation to defend celebrities who were charged for owning illicit drugs.

The other famous clients of Robert Shapiro lawyer were the host Johnny Carson and attorney F. Lee who were charged because of drunk driving. In 1990s, his fame as celebrity lawyer continued in 1990s when he defended Christian Brando against the manslaughter charges, assisted the baseball star Darryl Strawberry to negotiate financial settlement.

Besides, his brilliant careers in courts, Roberts Shapiro is also a founders of law companies and a writer of fiction and non-fiction books about law. After his son’s death because of drugs, he establish Brent Shapiro Foundation to increase awareness to drugs and alcohol addictions.

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