Different Types of Lawyers

Knowing different types of lawyers is important before you find one lawyer as a legal assistant for your legal problem specifically. The lawyer that specialize in his/ her field will certainly be capable to handle the issue properly.

Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer is a lawyer type you need when you suffer injuryin an accident. The attorney will help getting compensation of injuries affected by other people.

Estate Planning Lawyer

This type of lawyer is in wills and trusts specializations. This lawyer can assist you to draft a will to convey you properties. Between other legal services of estate planning, he/ she can assist to set a trust up that will pay attention of the financial needs of your children.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

A bankruptcy attorney is one of different types of lawyers that you want to look up when you have contemplated bankruptcy. The lawyer’s advice will let you know about your bankruptcy eligibility, the bankruptcy types to consider and the best type for you, and also the other bankruptcy alternatives that you need to know.

Intellectual Property Lawyer

It is also called as IP attorney that advise the clients with respect to issues about intellectual property, including trademarks, copyrights, patent, trade secrets and industrial design.

Employment Lawyer

An employment lawyer works for clients that need advice relating legal issues in employment contract or employment relationship. For example, an employee that has a problem with the company or vice versa.

Corporate Lawyer

A corporation owner will need consultation with corporate lawyer on kinds of occasion. The issues that are commonly handled by a corporate lawyer is the corporation formation issues, corporate compliance issues and general corporate supremacy issues.

Immigration Lawyer

Immigration lawyers work to assist those who have immigration issues, including the issues of visa, refugee, citizenship, or green cards and asylum.

Criminal Lawyer

Criminal lawyer should become the attorney to call when you or your loved one is charged with crime. He/ she is knowledgeable in criminal fields like bail, arrest, arraignment, pleas, etc.

Medical Malpractice Lawyer

A medical malpractice lawyer will assist the clients to get compensation after facing the consequences of mistakes done by doctors occasionally, such as inaccurate treatment, medical misdiagnosis, etc. By getting the assistance of medical malpractice lawyer, the clients can get the compensation more easily.

Those are the different types of lawyers that can be learnt by you. Choose the right type of lawyer to help you facing any issues in life so that the process will be finished more easily and faster.

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