How much Criminal Lawyer Salary in One Year?

A criminal lawyer more likely to work in two sides of law; as prosecutor or a defense attorney. The prosecutors commonly work in government agencies, whilst the defense attorneys commonly work in private and public sectors. The criminal lawyer salary varies greatly, yet the highest salary is commonly gotten by those who work in private sectors like becoming partners in law firms.

How much Criminal Lawyer Salary in One Year?
How much Criminal Lawyer Salary in One Year?

Salary Overview
In 2011, the attorney salary was $130,490 per year on average. But the salaries may be higher for the experienced lawyers and those who work in certain industries. That is why the median wage is frequently used to describe the earning potential of the lawyer. According to the data of Bureau of Labor Statistics, 50% of all lawyers make $113,310 or lower per year.

Public Salaries
The survey of National Association for Law Placement found that the salaries in public sector are varied based on the experiences and representation. For instance in 2010, a public defender made a first-year median wage as much as $45,700 per year, and the prosecutors made $50,000 per year. A defense attorney that has had five years of experiences could make $62,280 per year, while a prosecutor with the same experiences could make $62,320 per year. Meanwhile, the public defense and prosecutors could make up to $76,160 and $81,500 respectively if they have had 10 years of work experiences.

Private Salaries
Most criminal lawyers make much more money if they work in private practice rather than those who work in public sectors.The criminal lawyer salary is determined much by the experience and the earning potential is affected by the law firm size too.The median salary of associates in a law firm with maximally 25 attorneys in the first year is $72,000 per year. While those who work in a law firm with 50 lawyers or more can make $95,000. Furthermore, those who work in the law firms with 100- 250 lawyers can make up to $105,000 per year. Lawyers with at least five years of experiences can make money as much as $90,000 per year in a firm with maximally 25 attorneys. If they work in a law firm with 100 – 250 attorneys, then the salary could be up to $120,000 per year.

Partner Salaries
The partners of law firms could make the highest amount of salary, but it is varied by their area of practice. In 2012, the litigation partners in civil or criminal cases could make up to $634,000 per year. However, they don’t make as much as the lawyers in intellectual property and corporate law practice areas. The lawyers in those areas could make $847,000 and $715,000 per year respectively.

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