Rob Kardashian Lawyer to Assist Him in the Case of Social Media Rampage

The case faced by Rob Kardashian (the son of Robert Kardashian) about social media rampage makes him potentially in jail. Rob really needs help from a good lawyer to face this case and make him getting the least punishment. Do you know who is chosen as Rob Kardashian lawyer? It is Robert Shapiro. Yes, the experienced celebrity lawyer is the one who is chosen by Rob to handle his case.
Rob Kardashian Lawyer to Assist Him in the Case of Social Media Rampage
Kardashian Family
The Reactions of Public
Many reactions come out for the decision of Rob choosing Robert Shapiro. Some people are getting surprised and some other feel it as something normal since Rob must know well and have good relationship with the lawyer since many years ago. As we know, Robert Shapiro was a partner of Robert Kardashian in the trial teams of OJ Simpson handling a great case of murder in 1990s. The won case successfully brought Shapiro to the great popularity and continually handle kinds of celebrity cases. Now, he comes out again to assist his partner’s son facing the social media rampage case. Many people said that Kris Jenner (Rob’s mom) call Robert Shapiro to help her son.

Rob’s Statement
Through his lawyer, Rob told the public about the real things took place. He also told his regret about the actions and stated that it was only a spontaneous reaction. The lawyer also stated that his client will agree to Blac Chyna lawyer’s restraining order against him. The order sustains that Rob shouldn’t post any personal information related to Blac Chyna on social media, especially the intimate pictures. His lawyer plans to accept it, but he will alsovoice about the supervision over Dream. The posts of Rob last week threatened Blac Chyna’s custody for baby Dream (her daughter). This is something that Rob concerns, the Kardashian lawyer said.

Lisa Bloom, the Lawyer of Black Chyna
Meanwhile, the lawyer of Blac Chyna, Lisa Bloom have announced that she will seek the restraining order to court against Rob. She also declared that the case is also an important fight in the rights of women.

In the social media rampage of Rob Kardashian, he suspected Blac Chyna has cheated on him and he also posted nude pictures of her and then claimed that the pictures sent by Blac to him to make him jealous. Because of the actions, it establishes revenge porn and belongs to crime in California. That is why Rob Kardashian lawyer should assist to prevent him sent to jail.

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