The Reasons Why Should I be a Lawyer

Should I be a lawyer? It is a common question of those who have interested in this field and they often search for the reasons of why they should become a lawyer. A career as a lawyer must give you a great responsibility about financial investment and time commitment. You should learn about the profession before you decide to become a lawyer. You may one some of the top reasons below about why you should choose to become a lawyer.
The Reasons Why Should I be a Lawyer
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The Potential of the Earning
Lawyer is one of the professional professions that get highest earning in legal industry and almost all attorneys make money higher than the national payment average. The median salary of all lawyers is $110,590 on average per year, while the lawyers who are top in the world can make up to million dollar salary. However, you should remember that the salary of a lawyer is depending on the experiences, the law firm size, as well as the geographic region. The highest incomes are gotten by those who work in large law firms, in demand specialties and also in major metropolitan areas.

The Prestige
For most generations, having a profession as a lawyer is a prestige hallmark. The great salaries, notable degrees, and the expert over the others are the reasons that make lawyers having the elite position among the professionals. They understand respect and represent the meaning of success. Nowadays, the professional status and desirable image as a lawyer is still enjoyed by lawyers.

You Have Chances to Help People
The unique capability to assist people, groups, individuals or organizations who have problems is the uniqueness of the profession of lawyers. Lawyers that can have bigger society are those who work in public interest. Besides, those who also assist people that need legal assistance and cannot afford the lawyer’s fee. Meanwhile, the lawyers who work in private practice may work much to assist people with low income and serve the children, elderly, victims of domestic abuse, etc.

The Intellectual Challenge
If you want to have a job with the most intellectually rewarded, then you can choose lawyer as one of the best choices. The work is such as assisting someone or company to patent their trade secret so they can make much more money. Besides, the lawyer also can become problem solver, innovative thinker and analyst that has crucial intellect for his success in career.

Therefore, you may have many other reasons for your question; Should I be a lawyer? Consider about the reasons so you can choose the profession rightly.

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