What is Ask a Lawyer Free App?

Because of the smartphone enables everyone to computing more easily, now every can access justice very easy from their own hands. The Ask a Lawyer Free App is specially help everyone who need legal assistances, including the immigrants, the people who are under arrest, the indigent, as well as the lawyers that need some information about the cases handled.That is why the masters of technology establish the apps so the access to the legal information will be faster and easier for everyone.

What is Ask a Lawyer Free App?
Ask a Lawyer Free
According to Tanina Rostain, the Georgetown Law Center’s law professor that teaches the internet based technologies potential for legal pedagogy and practice course, all people talk about the technologies that possibly revolutionize the legal practice. And the legal area can become the best place for the revolution.

This is not surprising that legal aid attorneys belong to those who become the first promulgators of the application. It is because they know that the immigrants and people with low income can use the smartphone to access the technology even though they cannot do it through computers.
There are many kinds of application that can be used to access the justice through smartphones, including the Stop & Frisk Watch. The app can record the actions of police officer by flicking his finger and then only need to shake the phone quickly to shut down the application.

The apps will not only enable people to solve problems in the legal area, but also to give education and empower the people. So they then can become more educated people about legal fields. Meanwhile for attorneys, accessing the justice applications will let them to prescreen potential clients through email and also real-time chats. In this way, the applications become important technology to reach the consumers’ latent market that avoid to resolve legal problems they face because kinds of reasons.

Ask a lawyer free app is an application that can be accessed by everyone who need legal help. The app can be downloaded through android devices or iPhone without paying any charge. The application enables the people to get the free preliminary legal advice from the attorneys. Yes, they don’t have to pay any charge for this. Through the application, the users can send messages to the attorneys or they also can chat live. Meanwhile, the application for the attorneys give chances to screen their future clients. Besides, the app also offers the free consultation from the lawyers to the potential clients.

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