Is there any Difference between Divorce Lawyers for Men and Divorce Lawyers in Common?

If you plan to divorce with your wife, you might also need to find out divorce lawyers for men. The divorce attorneys who only focus on representing men is available in some options, but not a lot. In fact, all experienced divorce lawyers must be ready, eager and capable to represent divorce cases either for women or men. Yet, it is always important to choose a lawyer with whom you can feel confidence and comfortable mostly.
Divorce Lawyers for Men
Divorce Lawyers in Common
According to the professional organization of experienced divorce lawyers, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, the capable lawyers come in any shapes, sizes, colors, genders, ages and religions. Nothing of the factors that has can affect the ability of the lawyers.

Divorce Lawyers for Men

However, some divorce lawyers only choose men as the clients to assist. Such lawyers commonly write some words that describe their supports to fathers who face divorce case. They said that fathers are more likely suffering situation of gender bias than mothers in the family courts. The article was firstly published in conventional Insight Magazine.

Inside the articles, a fact of some researches shows that 85% of mothers in divorce case win the custody of the children. Besides, it is also found in the study of Stanford University that women win the full custody four times more likely than men. The studies that were done in Ohio and Utah found that successful fathers looked for custody is only 10%.

That is one of the reasons that divorce lawyers for men exist and the law firms market the services primarily around the nation. In the article in Wall Street Journal on March 8, 2007, it was written that there is at least one law firm in every major city that represents fathers in divorce case. However, most bar associations as the professional organizations for lawyers, never mention the trend to hire a divorce attorney for men. They only suggest to hire a lawyer based on your needs, the lawyers’ experiences, as well as the relationship of you with the lawyers.

The California Bar Association suggests the important attributes that should be had by lawyer are such as; having the same goals with you, you can understand the lawyer well, comfortable enough with the work style, having the expected timeline and major development clearly, as well as how good your communication with the lawyer. Therefore, you can choose whether you can feel more comfortable for choosing divorce lawyers for men or just choosing those in more general practice area or a divorce lawyer in common.

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